Mission of the Domain Name Council

Charta of the Domain Administration

Charta of the Domain Administration

The organization and provision of .at domain services is managed according to the principle of self-administration, in the context of the Austrian Internet community and in compliance with Austrian law.

The vehicle for this self-administration is the charitable Internet Foundation Austria with its bodies, the Name Council, the Supervisory Board and operative units, such as GmbH, the registry.

All individuals and legal entities are entitled to register a name under .at on an equal basis. Registered headquarters in Austria or Austrian citizenship are not required. The registration is a contract under Austrian civil law between the domain holder and GmbH.

The fundamental guidelines of delegation policy are set out by the Domain Council. Acknowledging the recognized “bottom-up” principles of Internet organization, members of the Austrian Internet community are appointed to this Council and represent groups which are professionally involved in the development of the Internet. Among these are Internet Service Providers (ISPs), user groups, domain holders, experts of the international domain name community, employees of the .at registry as expert consultants, and representatives of institutions involved in telecoms administration and the legal system.

The delegation policy is defined in compliance with the requirements of the global Domain Name System, internationally accepted best practices and standards, the requirements of the Austrian Internet community and in line with Austrian law.

The IPA has a fundamental mandate to develop the Internet and its environment in line with the local Internet community beyond the scope of domain administration and to set delegation policy. This may encompass measures like: initiating and moderating discussions, legal initiatives, development and description of best current practices, development of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, press releases, and other suitable measures. In the context of the global domain name community, GmbH is a member of CENTR (see and INHOPE, and is involved in the definition of a contractual relationship with ICANN.

The registry, GmbH, shall provide its services based on the policy as set out by the Domain Council in a professional, timely, low-cost, technically stable, and customer-friendly fashion. GmbH serves domain holders, be they individuals or legal entities, as well as registrars. GmbH also advises customers and provides mediation (“thick registry”). The Austrian domain name administration does not provide services which can reasonably be provided by other organisations. The registry is in no way responsible for content provided through domain names in the .at namespace, and does not exert any control or influence on such content. Liability for content, violations of law, trademarks, intellectual property rights etc. lies with the domain holder involved.

Top priority for domain management is the stability of the domain name system. As a benchmark and target price for a registration, should be positioned in the lowest third of a reasonably defined peer group of registries.

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