Domain name council rules of procedure

Construction of the Internet Foundation Austria

Construction of the Internet Foundation Austria

The Board of directors of the Internet Foundation Austria (IPA) manages the foundation's day-to-day business according to its bylaws and mission, developing the Internet in Austria and, in particular, providing for the domain management of .at. The foundation owns GmbH, hence the Management Board supervises GmbH.
Members of the IPA Management Board: Dr. Andreas Koman, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Andreas Schildberger, Mag. Walter Mika.

IPA's Foundation Council supervises the Management Board, and appoints members to the the Domain Name Council in coordination with the Management Board. Two members are nominated by ISPA, one member by the University of Vienna.
Members of the IPA Foundation Council: Harald Kapper, Nathalie Segur-Cabanac und Ulf Busch.

IPA's Domain Name Council decides on basic issues of naming policy and the relationship between domain holder and registry. In particular, it advises on the terms and conditions, and principles of conflict resolution. Its resolutions are guidelines for IPA and management.

Via a special sponsorship council, experts from various fields are deciding, which projects are sponsored by the IPA - transparently and objectively. The five members of the sponsorship council are familiar with the internet from its beginning, All members are participating honoraryly and independently from their main occupation. Sponsorships are allocated e.g. via the platform GmbH is the contractual partner of domain holders and provides for customer service, data management, registrar services, legal services, as well as billing and accounting.
The Managing Directors of GmbH are Richard Wein and Robert Schischka.

The Vienna University Computer Center (ZID) manages the registry database and ensures operation of the name servers. ZID provides these services on the basis of a contract with GmbH.
The registry's Technical Operations Manager is Gerhard Winkler.

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