Charta of the Domain Adminstration*

1. The organization and provision of the .at domain service is managed according to the principle of self-administration within the context of the Austrian internet community and in compliance with Austrian legal system. 


2. The responsibility for self-administration lies with the non-profit Internet Foundation Austria (IPA), along with the affiliated Board, Domain Advisory Board, Supervisory Board and operative units such as GmbH (registry).


3. All individuals and legal entities are equally entitled to register domain names below the .at top-level domain. It is not mandatory to be an Austrian citizen or an organisation located in Austria. The registration agreement is a contract under Austrian civil law concluded by the domain holder and GmbH. 


4. Fundamental delegation policy guidelines are defined by the Domain Advisory Board, which consists of various members of the Austrian internet community. In particular, the Domain Advisory Board represents specific groups which are professionally involved in the development of the internet, such as Internet service providers (ISPs), user groups, registrars, experts from the international domain name community and representatives of institutions responsible for handling telecommunications administration and interpreting Austrian law. Delegation policy guidelines are defined in accordance with the relevant legislation in Austria and in line with the requirements of the global Domain Name System, internationally accepted best practices and standards as well as the requirements of the Austrian internet community. 


5. is a member of organizations such as CENTR, ICANN, RIPE and IETF which define best practices in domain administration, deal with the legal bases of domain delegation and develop technical standards for the internet. 


6. The main duty of is to provide domain administration services based on the delegation policy defined by the Domain Advisory Board in a professional, timely, low-cost, technically reliable and customer-friendly manner. is required to serve domain name holders as well as registrars, as well as providing advice and acting as a mediator in disputes. The registry does not assume responsibility for the content accessible under the domain names in the .at name space, nor does it practice any form of censorship with regard to such content. The domain holders themselves are exclusively liable for illegal contents and violations of rights (e.g. trademark right). 


7. The top priority in domain administration is to ensure the technical stability of the domain name system.'s benchmark and target price for registrations (registrar price) lies in the midfield of a reasonably defined peer group of registries. 


*August 2018